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A free PC games program for Windows

A free PC games program for Windows

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Program license: Free

Program by: Cylog

Version: 2.0

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Drilling down through the many PC gaming subcategories, MyJongg comes to the fore as a modern rendition of a classical strategy-based board game. It's basically a popular variation on a theme, a version of the venerable tile-based Chinese board game that has spread far and wide around the globe. This version, created by Cylog, features online playing, plus an option to practice against one or more computer players.

Based on Mahjong, MyJongg brings the ancient strategy game roaring into the 21st century, where it can entertain and frustrate thousands of new gamers. Instead of space blasters or racing vehicles, though, a more sedate approach is favored here, one that requires skill, strategic thinking, and more than a little patience. Four players come to the green playing surface. The gameplay mechanics aren't hard to learn. Following the rules of the board game, the tiles are shuffled and allocated. Players have their own tiles while a pile gathers at the center of the table. It all feels a little like a card game, except tiles are manipulated by the players, not cards. Reinforcing the similarities, different symbols adorn the little playing pieces. There's even an option to discard an unwanted piece, at which point an opponent can jump in and steal the whole game, simply by claiming that discarded gaming tile.

Moving away from the rules of the game, which were established in China centuries ago, this version of the game has been adapted so that it's easy to play on a computer. More importantly, this adaptation is fun because of those software coded alterations. There are different card packs available. Under game settings, sounds and announcements can be configured. Also, seeing as this is an online game, there's the option to tune chat and messaging settings. However, before any of those features can be accessed, the gamer will need to create his or her account. That's a simple process. Just enter a username, an email, and a few other details, then the game screen swiftly loads the gaming lobby, where matches are arranged.

Played on Windows computers, there aren't many graphical adornments to load. Sure, that drawback makes MyJongg look a little basic, but, viewed from a strategy gamer's perspective, the simple interface provides a distraction-free route to match dominance. In other words, snazzy console games suit their flashy graphical extras, but a strategy game like this really does work better when a streamlined interface is employed. Just get into the lobby, find a similarly skilled competitor, and get the game going.

  • Online gaming
  • Use the game lobby to find a worthy competitor
  • Includes a messaging feature
  • Adjustable gaming settings and card packs
  • MyJongg isn't updated often
  • Last updated in 2005